This blog started off as somewhere to throw out extra ideas while I was writing my book, Dostoevsky’s Russians. The book is very nearly finished, but I’m enjoying writing the blog, so it will probably continue. It is mostly about Dostoevsky, but occasionally wanders off into other areas of Russian literature, or into my other great passion –  music. I love writing, and the wonder of the internet is that I can just chuck stuff out here and see if anyone fancies reading it.

I love it when people comment on my posts, so please don’t be shy.


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  • Minna St Aubyn says:

    This is great. I flashed through it and should have jotted down what struck me on first reading. I didn’t as I couldn’t stop reading.
    I will post you comments later. My heart lifted as I read of someone who because ‘why not?’ has taken on a fresh approach (an approachable approach for those, like me, non academic, but who read Dostoevesky around the time you did but haven’t since).
    I have just started my own project, way down the literary scale, but you have been inspirational. Thank you.

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