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Sarah J. Young

Blog of Sarah Young – lecturer in Russian at SSEES. Lots of interesting information on Dostoevsky, Gulag writing and Russians in London. Also check out her links and reading list. She is also the creator of

Mapping St Petersburg

An amazing project using Google maps to trace the action of Crime and Punishment and Gogol’s St Petersburg stories.  There’s also a historical map overlay and lots of interesting background. The authors map the characters’ thoughts and references to other places as well as their actions, to show how the relationship with space changes as the novel progresses, and how real St Petersburg varies from the Petersburg of the writers’ imaginations. Not a page to visit if you’re in a hurry.

Dostoevsky in Russian at Conradish 

Russian texts of the major novels, with a handy glossary function for the lexically challenged (like me) – hover over a word for an English definition. The site also has texts of lots of other Russian classics. The search function is handy too.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Conradish seems to have been down for a while. Please tell me if it comes back up again!  In the meantime, the 15 volume version of the completed works is online at

My reviews on Bachtrack

Or what I write when I’m not writing about Dostoevsky.


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