Happy Birthday Fyodor Mikhailovich

11 November 2012 § Leave a comment

To mark Dostoevsky’s birthday, my book “Dostoevsky’s Russians” is officially released today. I’ve had a wonderful time writing it, and if people enjoy reading it too, then that will make me really happy. It’s available in paperback or Kindle formats on Amazon.com co.uk, fr and de (sadly Createspace don’t seem to have a .ca option).


Also, the local paper did rather a nice little feature about the book, which you can read here.


This blog may now go quiet for a bit; I set it up in part to have a place for all sorts of odd musings that couldn’t fit in the book, or to help me work things out. Also, I have a big new project to work on (nothing to do with Dostoevsky) which may take up quite a lot of time. But thank you for reading, and I’ll be back whenever I have anything to say.



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